We aim to be a Passionate
Contributor to local Initiatives



About Gemelli

Commencing in 2015, Gemelli has commenced a journey to produce consistent flavourful, fresh delicious food and coffee every day.

At Gemelli our menu is changed seasonally to reflect the freshest tastes of that season. In our café grill, we have an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu available, with amazing daily specials. Gemelli is fully licenced and has indoor and outdoor seating available with both areas having a fireplace.

We also offer a takeaway “Gemelli Express” menu comprising of Burgers, Panini’s, Chips, Salads and Shakes which you can order online and pick up in store.

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Chef Warren Flanagan

Originally from the Eastern coast of South Africa, Warren grew up surrounded by untouched coastline swimming with fish, and tribal farmland rich with herds of goats, pigs and cattle. The locals farmed their own maize and vegetable crops, and largely relied on these crops to survive. The importance of local produce was apparent to Warren from a very young age.

Food is something Warren has always been passionate about and, after high school he started his career as a Chef.

Throughout his journey as a Chef, he has been fortunate enough to work with Chefs that embrace the ethos of supporting small local businesses.

Warren has honed his skills, with world renowned Chefs like Jamie Oliver, Giorgio Locatelli and Tony Allen. These experiences have taught Warren how to source quality produce, and how to respect that produce through cooking.

Meeting local farmers and producers really connects the paddock to the plate. It gives chefs an insight into the personality of the produce. Knowing the people behind the scenes allows chefs to trust and respect their ingredients on a more personal level, therefore ensuring a higher quality product.

As a chef, Warren feels that he has a responsibility to “do right by the way I source ingredients, I have to make sure that every ingredient used in my kitchen is from a trustworthy source, and the people behind these ingredients are producing them with respect and dignity.”

The team at Gemelli are like minded in sharing this ethos, and are passionate about community support and involvement. We get involved in our community and look for the magic in local produce. We go out and meet with our farmers and producers. They are the people doing things the right way, and we want our customers to be aware of this and celebrate with us.

Warren also believes that, “When you support small local businesses, you add to the wealth, and encourage the growth of local community.”


Gemelli Cafe’s Mission Statement

Gemelli seeks to create and celebrate, great tasting, fresh local produce. We aim to continually grow our business with the same care, respect, honesty and integrity that our producer’s believe in. We aim to be a passionate contributor to local initiatives and community organisations.