We’re Serious About Food

We’ve got it covered, from supplying the finest Padre Coffee
to our tasty burgers with homemade secret sauces

consistent flavourful, fresh delicious food and coffee everyday.


Our founder, Ferdinando, is obsessed with coffee. Gemelli owns a beautiful La Marzocco espresso machine that is used by our talented baristas to create the perfect cup each and every time. We use Padre Coffee’s Daddy’s Girl Espresso Blend, which is soft and rich with notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate. We also offer a single origin coffee every day, chosen from the quality selection Padre has on offer. We want to be known by locals for incredibly consistent and quality-driven coffee. Yep, we have brought serious Melbourne coffee to Point Cook.


Breakfast With Gemelli

At Gemelli we intend to showcase some of Victoria’s best produce. Eggs that are truly free range from Buckley’s free range farm, smoked bacon made using rare breed Berkshire pigs from Gippsland and breads made from the oldest organic sourdough near Torquay, all take centre stage in the celebration of quintessential breakfast ingredients. We make our own smoked Tasmanian salmon in house and use wild bee honey, organic milk and whole grains to encourage a little healthiness into your morning diet. Our pastry cabinet will always be stocked with tasty treats, pastries and freshly made muffins which are really something special when enjoyed with a lovely cup of Padre Coffee.


About Our Burgers

Gemelli burgers use a combination of secret homemade sauces and pickles, fresh and crisp local produce and are carefully prepared using all natural patties. We buy in tasty whole cuts of beef from Cape Grim and Gippsland, then grind them in house to make our delicious 100% beef patties. Our chicken burger has secret herbs and spices of its own, and we only use local, sustainable fish from a reliable source. The black beans used in our vegetarian patties provide added protein and come with a crispy Panko crunch. Our buns are freshly baked and delivered to us daily by a local bakery. They have a super light texture and are a perfect balance between sweet and savoury.

Gone are the days of burgers being a sloppy fast food item, the burgers at Gemelli are all about fresh, tasty ingredients that won’t leave you feeling guilty inside.

Keep a lookout for our seasonal burger specials that will delight even the toughest burger connoisseur.

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Our Paninis

The Paninis at Gemelli are baked fresh daily and incorporate classic combinations with enticing flare. The fillings are skilfully prepared with flavour and freshness in mind. Each Panini is designed to be just as tasty eaten fresh or toasted. Using ingredients like grilled and marinated seasonal local vegetables, award winning Victorian salamis and BBQ glazed house smoked Tasmanian Salmon. We are confident that you’ll find a Gemelli Panini to suit your taste buds. Coupled with one of our fresh juices, our Paninis are perfect for a light lunch or something to snack on while you’re out and about.


The Perfect Chip

We at Gemelli are obsessed with the perfect chip. Our potatoes are Tasmanian. They are cut fresh, beer battered and cooked twice. We serve our fries firm on the outside with a soft mash potato centre. They are absolutely delicious.


Gemelli Salads

The salads at Gemelli are a healthy and delicious mix of fresh, seasonal and local produce. We aim to combine flavours and ingredients that are both homely and enticing. We believe that our salads are a perfect healthy alternative for your lunchtime office meal. We always use the best local ingredients Victoria has to offer and make our dressings using low sugar recipes and healthy alternatives such as natural yoghurt and extra virgin olive oils. Our salads are packed with superfoods like quinoa, sprouts and fresh raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. Low GI foods like chickpeas, eggs, chicken and fresh apple ensure you stay fuller for longer, helping to fight the battle against the 4pm “snack-attack”.

All our salads are made fresh daily and you can rest assured that by having one for lunch, you are giving your body a “High-Five for healthy eating”.


Gemelli Shakes

Something magic happens when you put Burgers and Milkshakes together. A kind of synergy of contrasting flavours and childhood memories. The shakes that we make are definitely not your average mix of ice cream, milk and flavoured syrups. We have allowed modern trends and creative flare to play a large part in the construction of our milkshake range. All of our delicious flavours are made in house using fresh local ingredients and we stay far away from any synthetic syrups and artificial colorants. We’ve added tasty garnishes like toasted vanilla marshmallow, strawberry jelly and crunchy caramel popcorn to add mischievous childlike playfulness to each shake.

Weather it’s to cool you down on a hot summers day, or just to satisfy a guilty pleasure (which you obviously deserve) a Gemelli shake will hit the spot and leave you feeling like a spoilt little kid again.


Succulent Steaks

Our beef is brought from specifically selected suppliers in Gippsland, Tasmania and Flinders Island. Our chef Warren Flanagan hangs the meat to ensure flavour and tenderness. When the meat has aged, Warren then portions it then perfectly grills it to ensure that it meets the Gemelli “tender taste test”.